Fundamentals of classical Psychoanalysis

"In 2005 we discussed to edit a common textbook for starters in psychoanalytic training. Here it is and we are very happy about the result because we are lacking of fundamentals of psychoanalysis in such a written form, that it is understandable for those who want to study psychoanalysis and don't know where to begin. Mostly students get the recommendation to start with dream interpretation which published Freud in the year 1900. Despite the fact the this book is a key to modern psychoanalysis it is nevertheless a highly complex book which might easily overburden the fresh candidate. So the goal of this book is, to meet the interested newcomer on his and her level of general education. This didactic goal met a lot of open questions, like: What is basic and has to be in the book and points to the future developments to come either in theoretical terms as well as in practical and treatment terms. The book tried to find this balance. 

And it is now a book which may satisfy not only the beginners but also a textbook for the experienced psychoanalyst to refresh his and her knowledge."  

Mikhail Reshetnikov & Alfred Pritz 

SFU Verlag 

ISBN: 978-3-902626-99-8

19,00 €